Commerce Server Catalog Adapter, common Issue with GlobalPropertySchemas

this is one of the most common issue that I had working with Commerce Server catalog Adapter…

after a succesfull installation and configuration you will receive the follwing mesage:

The Messaging Engine received an error from transport adapter “Commerce Server Catalog Adapter” when notifying the adapter with the BatchComplete event. Reason “Exception from HRESULT: 0xC0C01620”.

The problem is quite simple and easy to solve….

and it’s related to the fllowing assembly:

For some reason is not installed correctly in your biztalk application (where you are using the Commerce Server Catalog Adapter)

so what you need to do to fix it is just add it to your application using the Biztalk administrative console…

just go on the root, select Add Biztalk Assemblies and select Microsoft.CommerceServer.Adapter.GlobalPropertySchemas.dll in the Commerce Server 2007 installation directory.
Once you finish the installation everything will work as expected.

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