simplest way to search a lucene Index in Sitecore

this is the simplest code to search a lucene index in Sitecore…

 using (IndexSearchContext indexSearchContext = SearchManager.GetIndex("CustomIndex" ).CreateSearchContext())
                var query = new BooleanQuery();
                    new TermQuery( new Term( FieldNameLegacyId, legacyId)),
                    BooleanClause.Occur .MUST);
                SearchHits hits = indexSearchContext.Search(query, int.MaxValue);
                List< Item> results =
                    hits.FetchResults(0, int.MaxValue)
                        .Select(r => r.GetObject< Item>())
                        .Where(c => c != null && c.Parent != null)

                if (results.Any())
                    return results.First().ID.ToGuid().ToString( "N");

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