Getting Started with Sitecore 7.5 Analytics and MongoDb

As probably most of you have already heard, the more exciting new functionality of Sitecore 7.5 is around the Analytics and MongoDb
In this guide, I will help you in your first configuration of the analytics and MongoDb.

Assuming that you have completed the setup of SC 7.5 and Sitecore is running fine on your machine now it is time of download Mongo from here once that you have installed Mongo, you can decide if you want to run as a service or a standalone application.

If you have decided for the standalone application, now it is time to start it you can run the following from command line

cd C:\Program Files\MongoDB 2.6 Standard\bin
mongod.exe -dbpath C:\MongoData

Now you should see in the command line, the MongoDb status and activity tracking.

Now you can browse your sitecore instance ensuring that the Visitor identification tag is rendered correctly


and that the following code is rendered on the pages

<link href="/layouts/System/VisitorIdentification.aspx" rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" />

Assuming that you are running everything on the default MongoDB Port 27017 this should be in your connection string

<add name="analytics" connectionString="mongodb://localhost/analytics"/>
<add name="" connectionString="mongodb://localhost/tracking_live"/>
<add name="tracking.history" connectionString="mongodb://localhost/tracking_history"/>
<add name="reporting" connectionString="user id=user;password=password;Data Source(local);Database=sc75wizardSitecore_Analytics"/>

Now that you have collected some visitors data you can either run the latest visits report (in engagement Analytics) or use a MongoDbViewer (like Mongo Vue) to see your data in the Analytics – Contacts Table


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