New Features added in Sitecore latest versions -7.2 – 7.5 -8.0

A client asked me to list all the new features and improvement in the latest few version of Sitecore so that they can decide witch version choose, my advise was obviously to go for the latest version, or even better wait a bit more for the next release… this is the list of the improvements in the recent versions

Sitecore 8

  • Engagement Value to understand what’s working
  • MVT (Multi variance testing everywhere)
  • Federated Experience Manager (Integrate analytics from other sites)
  • Predictive Analitycs – machine learning
  • New analytics report
  • New Sitecore UI (Shell)

Sitecore 7.5

  • Analytics support MongoDB
  • Single view of the customer across channels
  • native dependency injection
  • Modal popup bugfix

Sitecore 7.2

  • Items Bucket
  • IE 11 support
  • Index Performances
  • Search provider model to support better SolR
  • Search API support faceting
  • Hot Swappable index
  • Performance when publishing items
  • support MVC 5.1
  • New field types (eg. searchable treelist)
  • Linq To Sitecore

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