WebAPI 2 native support in Sitecore 8.2


Here we go with an other episode of the WebAPI and Sitecore saga…

As you probably know each version of Sitecore has managed WebAPI in a different way….



Within 8.2 finally Sitecore is officially supporting WebApi NATIVELY

So what do you need to do to write your first WebAPI Controller and start using it?

very simple:

public class MyCustomController : Controller
   public ActionResult Test()
      return Content("This is a test");

and this is the Url where you can access your controller

Url: http://yourInstanceName/api/sitecore/MyCustom/test

public class MyOtherCustomController : Controller
   public ActionResult OtherTest(string mycustomId)
      return Content("This is a test with params" + mycustomId);

Url: http://yourInstanceName/api/sitecore/MyOtherCustom/OtherTest/thisIsMyParam

will return “This is a test with params thisIsMyParam”

Happy Sitecore and happy webApi to everybody!

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