Personalisation & A/B Testing on standard values

I have been involved in a project where my client wanted to apply personalisation & A/B testing on the standard values rather than specific Items itself…

Initially I found the request quite odd, since the point of personalizing is to deliver a tailor made experience on each page and applying to the standard values, would mean to apply the same personalisation rule to multiple pages….

The example that my client wanted to test, was hiding the hero carousel for all the Blog pages for users who have visited the blog container landing page….

Having further conversations and thoughts, I realized that in order to Test & personalise you need to have some relevant volumes of customers & page views to understand  if the test & personalisation really work and if your website is not generating huge volumes of traffic, a workaround to boost your test & personalisation strategy is to apply personalisation rules on standard values…

The outcome of these experiments is the following one on Sitecore 9 and 8.2 update 6

Personalisation on the standard values in relationship to the presentation details, even if it is not “officially supported” works fine for my scenarios… I just added on the blog  template standard value a rule to hide the hero controller rendering if users has viewed the blogs landing page…

A/B testing on standard values does not work well, the test itself got executed but the reporting that come out is a bit funny… therefore you can potentially execute the test but the reporting would not help you to understand the winner for the test based on the engagement values & Sitecore goals… in the case you really want to achieve it, you should considering other tools for A/B testing such Google 360 or Maxymiser or write some logic withing your controller rendering to generate the test & instrument some custom reporting…



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