Sitecore Form QuickStart


As you probably are aware within Sitecore 9, WFFM was deprecated and Sitecore Form was introduced…

On the base that I do not particularly believe in Marketers building forms, I had fun migrating a few simple forms as part of the migration that I was running, but I do not think that would be an achievable task for dummy content editors/marketers…

First challenge come with the list of forms, on Sitecore 9, I had to rebuild indexes few times to get the valid list of my Sitecore forms (this KB will help you… in my case my user was messing around with languages)


Form Elements are the common elements that you will use and 90% will be basic form elements


Styling a form, in theory, is really simple, see the image:


but in practice, if you need to change the markup, and in my experience, you will have to, the simpler way is going and editing directly the CSHTML of the view…  You can find these files in Views/FormBuilder/FieldTemplates

But obviously, you are free to extend your own fields, here you can find further information on how to do it:–creating-a-custom-form-element.html 

Once you have created your first Sitecore form, it is time to add it to your page…

Your page MUST have an MVC Layout, and then you can use a Form Rendering…


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