Disaster Recovery region in Azure for Sitecore 9.x

In case you are worried about an Azure region going down and want to make your Sitecore Azure infrastructure not dependent on a single region, deploying a region for disaster recovery could be an option…

Obviously, depending on the complexity of your website, Sitecore resilience may be the minor problem in case of a region failure and further conversation should be taken to ensure that your infrastructure and data can be available across multiple regions….

As you can imagine, if your site is relying on Sitecore Analytics for personalization features your task won’t be trivial due to the Sitecore architecture, however, is a fair assumption and common practice to have analytics turned off on the DR region…

A typical DR region for Sitecore, would need the following elements:

  • Content Delivery server
  • WebDatabase
  • Redis cache (you could consider switching off if budget is an issue)
  • Search (assuming that is mandatory to have search available in case of DR)

My recommendation to provision a DR region on Azure PAAS would be to use the XM scaled scripts to provision a new environment in your favourite “backup” region and then delete the unrequired resources:

  • Identity server
  • Content Management Server
  • Master Database

The following Powershell script shows how to run the clean up of these resources…


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