Copying Unicorn Files With PowerShell for Azure Pipeline within an Helix style solution without GULP

In the case, you have an Helix style solution, you are using Unicorn and you use Azure Dev ops as your build pipeline to publish your solution on Azure PAAS and you want to use Gulp only for styles and scripts manipulations…

you will definitively need this snippet since you probably have already encountered this problem within your Build Pipeline…

The principle is pretty simple, you need to copy your YML files and keep all the folder structure within serialization… within the App_Data/Unicorn folder within a website Temp folder that you will later zip with the rest of Bin and Views so that you can install your changes once the package is deployed across the environment…

This is done within the Gulp – Package task typically, but if you want to get rid of it, I would recommend doing a separate PowerShell Task just to copy Unicorn files…


The content of the Powershell is pretty simple and copy the files keeping your serialization structure across Feature, Foundation, Project folders…

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