Is CommerceServer taking over Sitecore?

In the case you have installed Sitecore 8.1 sc81151003 you may have encountered a silly error within your Sitecore Shell…


but wait a minute, I have not installed Commerce Server, why I am getting this error?

In order to remove this unpleasant error message you have to remove the Sitecore.Commerce.Pipelines.ContentEditorLicenseWarning processcor pipeline.
The following patch file will delete the element.

My reccomendation would be also to place the config in a z folder in App_Config to run as the last config.

<configuration xmlns:patch="">
<processor type="Sitecore.Commerce.Pipelines.ContentEditorLicenseWarning, Sitecore.Commerce">
<patch:delete />

SitecoreCommerce public resources

SitecoreCommerce Introduction

As you probably know, Sitecore bought Commerce Server somewhile ago and now we are starting to see the results of this integration.

Sitecore have released CommerceServer 11 and Sitecore commerce at the same time with the goal of keeping the two products together and transform in one product in the near future.

At the moment, you can feel that are two different products:

Commerce Server with the traditional business user applications and the same legacy backend (same databases and management console)

On the other SitecoreCommerceConnect that try to integrate CommerceServer with a set of DataProvider and out of the box integration bits

At the moment has been released as well a MVC application as a sample front end to consume Commerce Server and demonstrate how to use the API and the integration bits.

At the moment the installation process is not super-easy, but Ihope it will improve with the Sitecore 8 release and the relevant Sitecore Commerce Update