XDB Contact Rules to personalize based on the facet value

As you are probably familiar, Sitecore 8 architecture is all around XDB and the Contacts.

Arguably Sitecore forgot to ship OOTB personalisation rules based on the Contact facet value of the contacts stored in XDB

Luckily Adam Conn has created two projects



to deliver almost OOTB personalisation based on Contact Facet conditions

Once that you have installed Adaptive rules and Contact Utilities you will be able to personalise based on Contact Facets…. In this example I personalise the content based on the Gender of the Contacts


Personal Facets



Sitecore CMS only mode on 8.1

As you probably now, Sitecore 8.1 can run in CMS only mode that means that your Sitecore instance can live also without MONGODB architecture…

CMS only mode, disable all the features that require MONGODB like Analytics, behaviour personalisation, MVT but it still allow you to run inSession personalisation rules or execute personalisation rules that do not require MongoDB (eg. geoLocation personalisation)

In order to run Sitecore in CMS only mode you need to set the following parameters:

  1. Xdb.Enabled
  2. Xdb.Tracking.Enabled
  3. Xdb.Configuration.XdbSettings

Further documentation on CMS only mode can be found here: