Celebrating my 200th post

I am happy to celebrate with you my 200th blog post and still counting…

This year has been a great year for the Sitecore community having fun with Sitecore 9 & DevOps… in case you have missed I would suggest you take a look at my posts talking about Azure, Powershell, Gulp, Helix and best way to build your deployment pipeline…








Sitecore 9 Forms – SubmitAction simpler example

If you are using Sitecore Form, probably you have the need to extend the SubmitAction… this code snippet is a good example to start creating a custom SubmitAction…

The simpler custom submit action could be used to save data on a log file, and maybe send an email with the data submitted in the form…

Other common scenarios for custom actions are integrating it with the CRM….

This example has been tested with Sitecore 9.02 and should work well also with other versions up to 9.2….

happy forms!

Sitecore 9.1 initial release – what is new!

In the case you did not know, Sitecore 9.1 initial version has just been released, you can download it from:


and that’s what you need to know to consider upgrading to this version:

Key improvements:

  • Performance improvements (especially cold start-up time of CMS)
  • Bringing back support for Mongo to store Analytics
  • SIF 2.0 in the case you were not happy with the first version of SIF 🙂
  • Identity server (major internal architectural change across Sitecore products)
  • Cortex (Machine learning for content and analytics)
  • Content Tagging
  • Personalisation suggestions (still basic one, but it helps marketeer to understand the best way to personalise and optimise content to drive conversion)
  • JSS is finally with us 🙂
  • Generic SXA improvements
  • Native support to index binary files such as PDF (finally!!!!)
  • support for Solr 7.2.1


I have just installed it and it is hard to say my favorite one, but if I have to pick one, is certainly around CORTEX feature and what will allow developers and marketers to achieve…  I have also heard very positive feedbacks on performances improvements and that’s good to see the product evolving in the right direction…

you can read more about Sitecore 9.1 from Pieter’s blog here: http://www.pieterbrinkman.com/tag/sitecore-9-1-whats-new/